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Anti-Microbial Films

Protect High-Risk Areas Against Bacteria

E.coli represents 65% of drug resistant infections and in 2017 killed over 5,500 patients costing the NHS £2.3 Billion

Prevent the development of 99.99% of bacteria

* including E.coli and MRSA *

Tested to ISO 22196 Standard


Anti-microbial films reduce the number of bacteria by 99.99% when compared to non-protected surfaces. 

Ionised silver penetrates cell walls, interferes with enzyme function and inhibits cell replication. 

Active for 5 years

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Low Maintenance

Anti-microbial films can be pre-applied to artwork displays for added protection.

Compatible with deep cleaning protocols.

Resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol, diluted acids and oils. 

Prices from £250 psm



Anti-microbial films can be used as a stand alone product to protect almost any surface. 

Easy to apply with minimal disruption to daily activities.

Prices from £100 psm 


Interested in learning more about our anti-microbial films? Feel free to get in touch.

Anti-Microbial Films: Products
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