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Wall, Ceiling & Window Graphics: Products
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Wall, Ceiling & Window Graphics

Improve Patient Experience and Well-being With Immersive Artwork Designed for Infection Controlled Areas.

All graphics available in standard, washable materials or with a 5 year anti-microbial coating.

Anti-microbial coating reduces bacterial growth by 99.99% - including MRSA and E-coli (ISO 22196)

Washable Wall Prints

Murals, wayfinding and hospital information can be displayed on walls to make patients feel at ease when visiting hospitals and care settings. 

Colourful graphics can enrich blank, uninteresting walls and large spaces and distract children from the stresses of hospital visits.

Prices from £125 psm for washable walls

Prices from £250 psm for anti-microbial 


 Ceiling Tiles

A great deal of inpatient's time is spent looking up at blank ceilings. 

Research has shown that artwork can help to sooth and relax patients, improving recovery times and satisfaction scores.

Prices from £50 per standard tile

(600mm x 600mm)  


Window Film

Window film artwork allows natural light to enter a space whilst affording privacy and transforming the ambience of waiting areas. 

Wayfinding and hospital information can also be displayed on windows or simple frosting for privacy purposes.

Prices from £125 psm 

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Interested in learning more about our visual displays? Feel free to get in touch.

Wall, Ceiling & Window Graphics: Products
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